1. Strategic advantages at a glance.
    Rise above it.

    It’s variety that makes a difference.
    For us, your claims are security and repayment sources in one.
    Factoring provides you with the necessary liquidity and the possibility to refine your purchasing conditions through discounts and special rates. This form of company financing reduces the balance sum and leads to better balance sheet ratios, especially in terms of necessary compliance with covenants, as well as the issuing of financial market products (bonds, etc).

  2. Outsource concerns.
    Risk protection.

    FactorBank assumes risk of non-payment (credit risk) of the purchased receivables. In the event of insolvency of a third party debtor up to the amount of the advance payment. Due to our broadly diversified portfolio, we claim a more favourable premium design and pass this on to you. In terms of international business, the FactorBank assumes credit risk in collaboration with our foreign partner Factors Chain International (FCI).

  3. Save time and
    hassle through modernity.

    With us, Factoring is an almost entirely digital product. After establishing a data channel (interface), the data exchange takes place with an unusually high level of automation.

  4. Our problem-solving expertise.
    Get what you need.

    For your company we would like to be a partner with solutions. Tailored to your requirements, innovative, fast and reliable.  We listen attentively and guide you through every step necessary for becoming even more successful. You can rely on us for that.